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By: el83


Comment posted by admin on Wed Aug 12 10:37:18 -0700 2009

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Comment posted by mirani on Tue Jan 20 06:42:16 -0800 2009

Nice work@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ good job

Comment posted by RuelJ on Mon Jun 23 04:31:34 -0700 2008

This picture looks like one of our neighbor's house here in St. Johns!

Comment posted by Drew3D on Mon Apr 14 19:11:56 -0700 2008

One of the best, nice work!

Comment posted by haptic on Wed Feb 13 09:17:15 -0800 2008

This is the "cleanest" rendering I've seen so far and the subject matter is good: clear, crisp lines and I don't see any "depth reversal" (my term for the algorithm mistakenly reading a convex as concave and vice versa. I like this person's test subject.

Comment posted by sprt on Sun Feb 10 00:28:16 -0800 2008


Comment posted by anonymous on Fri Feb 08 10:52:28 -0800 2008


Comment posted by anonymous on Fri Feb 08 10:52:20 -0800 2008


Comment posted by MOST2K2 on Tue Feb 05 11:27:42 -0800 2008

Comment posted by uzairumair on Tue Feb 05 04:19:02 -0800 2008

the best on the site

Comment posted by anonymous on Sun Feb 03 14:25:36 -0800 2008

Posted by Celux: Impressive.

Comment posted by locater16 on Fri Feb 01 19:36:27 -0800 2008

Perhaps the mist impressive result I've seen yet.

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