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By: codebot

Tags: night, street, building, trees

Comment posted by leena on Sat Jan 24 12:52:36 -0800 2009

This is a very nice photo. Holocaust Photos

Comment posted by mickeyallums on Wed Jan 07 03:59:43 -0800 2009

Its not smooth movement. Not sharp and crisp. Like my hi resolution display could render it. All the images move to fast. A bit primitive. But please keep working on this concept. Great potential. Mick

Comment posted by jer3my95 on Fri May 30 13:32:22 -0700 2008

how doyou rate models, it wont let me upload anymore pics

Comment posted by elgranto7 on Sun May 18 10:10:10 -0700 2008


Comment posted by Sofija Beric on Tue May 06 08:48:46 -0700 2008


Comment posted by jelle80nl on Mon Apr 14 11:32:53 -0700 2008

I like this one, I think the sidewalk comes out great

Comment posted by hARTcore on Tue Feb 05 15:42:37 -0800 2008


Comment posted by lemurboy38 on Mon Feb 04 13:39:16 -0800 2008

Very nice. Almost surreal.

Comment posted by Hitanshu on Sun Feb 03 21:35:06 -0800 2008

looks great.

Comment posted by wclark on Sun Feb 03 15:00:59 -0800 2008


Comment posted by anonymous on Sun Feb 03 14:15:26 -0800 2008

Posted by Celux 2008 This has to be one of my favourites, the program really did this one well and its a good photo

Comment posted by anonymous on Sun Feb 03 05:06:53 -0800 2008

make it available for people w/o knowledge in programming C++

Comment posted by hisnibs on Sat Feb 02 16:45:33 -0800 2008

Quite effective. I do feel like I'm moving through the scene.

Comment posted by jaden41 on Fri Feb 01 20:01:56 -0800 2008

that looks incredible

Comment posted by locater16 on Fri Feb 01 19:24:35 -0800 2008

There isn't a lot of texture stretching, so I'd definitely call this one a good job.

Comment posted by anonymous on Fri Feb 01 15:46:01 -0800 2008

very good work, hi res images makes its better

Comment posted by gunde101 on Fri Feb 01 09:26:27 -0800 2008

Pretty well done!

Comment posted by viswanadh on Fri Feb 01 09:24:19 -0800 2008

I see nothing here. I've already installed shockwave player.

Comment posted by lainchbury on Fri Feb 01 03:07:06 -0800 2008


Comment posted by kaasjagers on Thu Jan 31 08:13:49 -0800 2008


Comment posted by amitjain on Mon Jan 28 10:14:12 -0800 2008

Though the work appears interesting, I have my own doubts on the claim that this is 3D. Currently, this is far from how a real 3D scene would be.

Comment posted by tgillin on Mon Jan 28 02:40:19 -0800 2008

i downloaded and installed shockwave and click on the images. nothing happens, i'm returned to the "To view an image in 3-d you need either shockwave or a VRMl viewer. To download shockwave, go to " page. Am I missing something??

Comment posted by qrazydutch on Sun Jan 27 12:30:32 -0800 2008

3d from the front (2 1/2D?) imagine it would be difficult to make it truly 3D and pan it from all sides unless you have multiple views from the same scene. Still, impressed and am going to play with it a bit. Thanks to the submitter

Comment posted by anonymous on Sun Jan 27 11:55:58 -0800 2008

While this is all pretty neat, I wouldn't call it 3D just as yet. It certainly is a step in the right direction. But honestly, not 3D. Garion Alen

Comment posted by bli on Wed Nov 21 06:38:57 -0800 2007


Comment posted by bli on Wed Nov 21 06:38:49 -0800 2007

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