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By: jeff


Comment posted by Jessica Scott on Thu Feb 19 14:43:00 -0800 2009

What a nice fountain pic! The 3d effects really bring out the water! Very cool, I want to try my own! Jessica Assistant GED Online Diploma

Comment posted by tigeyrock on Wed Nov 12 08:50:59 -0800 2008

what are you ment to with the pictures

Comment posted by tigeyrock on Wed Nov 12 08:50:30 -0800 2008

nice what are u ment to do with the picks

Comment posted by f1jsh on Sat Sep 13 02:12:07 -0700 2008


Comment posted by RuelJ on Mon Jun 23 01:42:26 -0700 2008

Was the lighting effect something really in the picture? Or did you add that too? SEObahn

Comment posted by Davide on Fri Mar 07 08:24:06 -0800 2008

Ammazza quant'รจ realistico (e pensare che sono mesi che non passo da Fontana di Trevi)

Comment posted by oisee on Thu Mar 06 12:19:32 -0800 2008

elgranto7, you're definitely cool! did you really make that statue and buildings over there? =)

Comment posted by sandox on Fri Feb 29 15:58:17 -0800 2008

thats a great location in rome :)

Comment posted by nero on Wed Feb 27 05:24:50 -0800 2008


Comment posted by elgranto7 on Fri Feb 22 10:03:42 -0800 2008

i made thissssssssssssssssssssssssss

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